2016- The year for ER visits

WARNING: Graphic photos

November has not been kind to the DC K-Thors.  First the crushing news on Nov. 8th, that has left us at a loss for words and at times hope; and second, 2 nights later….

Thursday, Nov 10th was a normal chaotic day in the life of us.  Daddy-toe was stuck in traffic on the way home from “bald-more”, and I was schlepping around NoVa picking up the kids and rushing to get home, make dinner, get C fed, put Elle down for her last nap, feed the dogs, and get bedtime ready for both kids.  I have to be one step ahead when Daddy-toe is gone, so we can stay on schedule.

As usual, C wanted to help cook dinner.  Anyone who has seen Daddy-toe and I knows we are hyper vigilant about C staying a few feet from heat sources and such, as she is accident prone.  This night, she was going to help make “rabioli” of the butternut squash varietal.  The water was boiling, C was 1.5 feet from the stove, and Elle was napping- whew…I was so close to being able to sit down.  I was at the sink and my back was facing C, as I washed her grapes for dinner, when I heard it.  The clanging of the pot as it had fallen back onto the stove top and a cry.  I whipped around to see C grabbing her hand and water on the floor.  I immediately pulled C’s shirt off since water could get trapped in the cloth and cause the burn to be worse, and rushed her into the bathroom to put cool water on it.

Then I rushed my screaming toddler into the kitchen to figure out how close Daddy-toe was to home, and see if our neighbors could come over to sit with Elle.  Since both weren’t answering and Daddy-toe was still over an hour away, the decision was made to wake Elle up and rush to the ER.  Seeing as it was rush hour in NoVa, the 1.5 mile trip to the ER took 20 minutes.

20 minutes of me with my hazards on, honking the horn, hearing the deafening screams of C in the back, weaving in and out of traffic and praying I didn’t get hit or pulled over (because let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have stopped).

They immediately saw us and got us into a room, where it was determined that C has 2nd degree burns on the dorsal part of her hand and wrist.  Picture from the 1st ER visit:


Since we weren’t at a special Children’s Hospital, AND there is a burn clinic at Children’s National in DC, they just wrapped it (after giving C a bunch of fentanyl for the pain) and told us to follow-up with the burn clinic the next day (Friday…Veterans Day…the day that apparently nothing is open but private sector is still working…that day).

Just for those of you who want an even better mental picture: I’d already put on yoga pants; C has a mismatched outfit on; Elle is being carried and carted around by a nurse because she was crying, but I couldn’t leave C’s side since she was hysterical; the same nurse is feeding Elle her bottle and changing her poop diaper; and C is eating a popsicle (and then she all but fell asleep in the middle of it but her eyes were open and it was just dripping).  It was one of those moments you wish there had been a candid photo of the scene.

Daddy-toe arrived as they were discharging us and we walked out together…only for me to have misplaced my valet ticket and made super nurse help me find it….

The next day (Friday), I called Children’s National burn clinic starting at 8 am to get an appointment, only to find out that they were closed.  Seeing as how they didn’t debride C’s hand, we had to go to the ER there just to be seen by a specialist.  Doesn’t this just keep getting better?!

Here is a picture of her hand the next day:

img_3635 The dark portion is dead skin, which was removed.

A surgical specialist washed and debride her hand, getting all of the dead skin off, all the while, C is on a really high dose of fentanyl and watching Frozen on my phone.  Luckily Daddy-toe was able to stay home with Elle, so I didn’t have to juggle that.

4 hours later, we were on our way home with the instructions to not change the bandage and follow-up with the burn clinic on Monday am for an appointment that day.

Daddy-toe took C to Target to get her a “special something,” at which she broke down because she wanted “n&m’s” and we were not about to let a kid without much sleep and no nap have sugar.  They settled on a Frozen bouncy ball (which has not been touched) and a Frozen notebook (which is now covered in stickers).

Stay tuned for more on C’s BBQ hand!


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